High quality low price home and commercial studio machine aluminium pilates gym reformer


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Silent pulley, no sound when sliding on the track
1 sitting box
EVA sponge, high resilience
2 double loop straps
Microfiber leather, won’t scratch and damage
6 springs(red,yellow,green)

Pilates is a kind of exercise that combines strength and flexibility. The exercise is relatively peaceful and rarely
causes damage to joints and muscles, which is recognized by many people. Pilates exercises muscles with graceful, slow and simplelarge movements, making the body thinner, more flexible and with soft lines. The combination of static and static movement arrangement makes the body both tense and relaxed, thus strengthening the function of the body organs and enhancing the flexibility and coordination ability of the body. Pilates focuses on the mind, allowing the practitioner to confront his inner world through breathing and mind control.
We support a 3-year warranty and can replace accessories for you at any time
About the frame: Using 7075 aviation-grade aluminum, it has a stylish appearance, strong structure and lighter weight. The main frame can provide 5-year warranty service
About the springs: It is made of piano wire imported from Japan and made by the best processing factory in China. It can withstand the maximum stretching of 300,000 times without deformation, and the surface is nickel-plated to prevent rust.
About leather: Using microfiber leather, soft and wear-resistant, scratch-resistant and flame-retardant, environmentally friendly and odorless. And can provide customized color for free
Adjustable Resistance System
Adjustable Rope Tow System
5-gear Adjustable Handrail
Removable Auxiliary Training Accessories
Adjustable Headrest & Shoulder Rest
Easy To Move The Pilates Reformer

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white aluminium pilates reformer


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