Electric Toddler Bed Baby Cradle Infant Bed Sleeping Auto-swing Rocking Chair Bassinet Children Beds Bedroom Furniture

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Electric Toddler Bed Baby Cradle Infant Bed Sleeping Auto-swing Rocking Chair Bassinet Children Beds Bedroom Furniture

  • Type: Bed
  • Features: Bluetooth
  • controller’s battery: not included
  • Color: Pink
  • Appearance size: 99 * 66* 83cm
  • Cradle distance from the ground: 23CM
  • Bundle Listing: Yes
  • Internal length: 90*50*83cm
  • bed inside: 90 centimeters long


Material:ABS + Bold Steel Pipe + Baking Paint + Skin Friendly Fabric
Appearance Size: 103*75*86cm
Internal Length:90*50*83cm
Color: Pink 
Load Weight: MAX 20kg 
Battery: 5v, 2w (Not Included)
Remote Control Distance: 5m
Mat: 2cm Thick
Height of Bed from the Ground: 16cm
Height of Rocking Chair from the Ground: 22cm


1. Automatic Rocking Chair, Five Gears Can Be Adjusted, Start Button, per Click, Speed Is 1, 2, 3,4.5
2. The Timer Function, Automatic Shutdown, Do Not Run for a Long Time, Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection.
3. Large Usb Port to Extend the Memory.
4. 5v Low Voltage Safety Voltage, Multiple Power Supply Methods.
5. Simple Installation.
6. Safety Fixed Belt Designto Prevent Side Turning.
7. Anti-skid Foot Pads Increase Friction with the Ground, It’s Hard to Move and Tip When Shaking.

What’s Included:

1 X Baby Bed
1 X Usb
1 X Mat
L1 X Remote Controller(No Battery)
1 X Mosquito Net/Protective Net
1 X Pillow

Built-in 12 Music + Mp3 Play + Can Insert U Disk(Not Disk)


1. Use Abs Material, Safe and Non-toxic.
2. Use Thick Steel Pipe to Ensure the Baby’s Safety
3. Balanced Shake, Gentle and Comfortable
4. Lengthen the Design, Let the Baby Have More Activity Space.
5. 180 Degrees Lie Flat to Prevent the Baby’s Spine from Deforming.
6. the Inner Layer Thickens the Mattress, the Inner Layer Thickens Fiber Cotton, Breath Ability Is Good, the Baby Sleeps More Comfortable.
7. Soft and Comfortable Qualitative Pillow, Accord with Human Body Engineering Design, Effectively Protect Head Body Healthy Development.
8. Protective Mosquito Nets, Effectively Fend off Direct Light.
9. Mp3 Music Playback Function, Built-in 12 Music
10. Comfortable and Safe Puppets, Can Effectively Exercise the Baby’s Eyesight and Hand Grasping Ability.
11. It Applies to Babies Between 0 and 18 Months.
12. Noise in Decibels—–Similar to the Sound of a Clock


Mat: 2cm thick
Height of bed from the ground: 16cm
Height of rocking chair from the ground: 22cm
Load weight: MAX 20kg Appearance Size: 103*75*86cm
Internal Length:90*50*83cm


1. Cleaning method of cloth cover?

  • 1). Put the cloth cover into warm water, pour detergent and soak for 3-5mins.

  • 2). After rinsing, dry it in a ventilated place.

2. Product materials?

  • Mattress: peach fabric

  • Bed board: medium fiber environmental protection board

  • Foot bracket: environmental protection paint iron pipe

3. How many meters is the remote control?

  • 5 meters, 10 meters without shelter

4. How much can the cradle hold?

  • we recommend that the weight of the shaker is less than 25 kg. If it is more than 25 kg, it can be seated. Just like a car, it is limited to 5 people, but there is no problem with seven or eight people.

5. What is the input and output of the shaker?

  • The shaker uses 5 volts and 2 watts, the power input is 220 volts, and the output is 5 volts.

6. Problems with battery:

  • Due to transportation restrictions, our products do not contain batteries, which are also easy to buy locally

7. The problem of the smell of the bed board:

  • Our bed board is certified and purchased and produced in strict accordance with the standards for export to the United States.

  • If there is a smell, you can try it, pick up the bed board, and smell it carefully. Is it the kind of woody smell? If it is, it is normal; if it is a peculiar smell, if it smells, is there any difference between the eyes and the skin.

1.Noise:The Main Engine Is Driven By Gears. When Shaking, There Will Be a Sound Of The Clock Moving
2.The Shaker Cannot Shake:When Rocking, Connect The Fixing Belt At The Bottom Of The Bed; After Installing The Bed, The Support Must Be Fully Extended; When Swinging, He Needs Enough Space To Swing And Avoid Obstacles
3.Shaker Speed Is Too Fast:The Customer Can Adjust The Gear According To The Weight Of The Child. If The Child Is Light, The Customer Can Turn On Gear 1-2    


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