Outdoor Heavy Duty Transparent Vinyl Tarpaulin Tarp Curtain with Oval Eyelets Patio Pergola Gazebo



Outdoor Transparent Tarpaulin with Oval Eyelets Patio Pergola Tarp Curtain with Twist Locks Heavy Duty Clear Vinyl Tarpaulin

  • Model Number: NNW-Transparent Tarpaulin
  • Sail Finishing: PVC Coated
  • Sail Material: PVC
  • Type: Shade Sails & Enclosure Nets
  • Name:: PVC Transparent Tarpaulin
  • Material:: PVC Canvas
  • Thicken:: 0.35mm & 0.55mm
  • Color:: Transparent
  • Edge type:: 3-line White edge
  • transparency:: 99.99%
  • Eyelets Type:: Oval Eyelets(Twist Locks)
  • Eyelets Distance:: default 50cm(contact customize)
  • Application:: Customize Transparent Tarpaulin Waterproof Canvas Garden Succulent Plants Clearly Tarp Cover Balcony Windows Rainproof Cloth

Transparent Tarpaulin with Rotatable Eyelets Garden Pergola Detachable Waterproof Tarp Balcony Rainproof Cloth with Oval Eyelets

-Name: Transparent Tarpaulin
-Material: PVC Tarpaulin
-Color: Transparent
-Edge Type: 3-line White Edge
-Eyelets Type: Oval Eyelets & Round Eyelets
-Eyelets Distance: 50cm
-Size:as the option
(please contact us for other size)
-Thickness:0.35mm & 0.55mm

①Outdoor Pavilion Rainproof
②Garden Plants Rainproof
③Car Rainproof
④boat Rainproof cloth ETC.


◆Oval rotatable eyelets for easier installation and disassembly.
◆ Full size(Finished product size), It won’t get smaller.
◆ Increase the encryption buttonholes and punch holes on all four sides. Hole distance about 50cm/1pc (can be encrypted, please leave a message if necessary)
◆ New environmentally friendly PVC material, odorless.
◆ High definition transparent fabric with 99.99% transparency and good transparency.
◆ 2 line edges, exquisitely crafted edges, tear resistant.
◆ 100% waterproof, no aging at high temperatures, no hardening at low temperatures, and long service life.
◆ 100% Brand New And High Quality
◆ Rustproof Eyelets
◆ 4 Corner Reinforced Plastic Black Triangle

Note Please:

-Two Eyelets style (Round Eyelets & Oval Eyelets)

there is without Black corner with the Twist lock Tarpaulin


Oval Rotatable Eyelets

*Oval Twist locks without Black corner!

*comes with with the Twist lock. No need to buy separately.

Click the Below picture to get the Twist Locks if you need↓↓↓

Round Eyelets

PVC Tarpaulin with zipper & Oval Twist Locks

Real Usage effect display

Multi purpose and multi-functional rain cloth, widely used for open balcony rainproof, outdoor shed, car shed, etc

<1> Boat Car Truck Waterproof Canopy
<2> Garden Plant Shed
<3> Pet Dog House Cover Tarpaulin
<4> Yard Balcony Rainproof Fence
<5> Window Windproof Insulation
<6> Terrace Roof Raincover
<7> Succulent Plants Greenhouse Film
<8> Furniture Dustproof
<9> etc…


Additional Information


0.35mm Black edge, 0.35mm White edge, 0.55mm Black edge, 0.55mm White edge


0.6×1.5m, 0.6x1m, 0.6x2m, 0.6x3m, 1.2x2m, 1.2x3m, 1.2x4m, 1.2x5m, 1.6x2m, 1.6x3m, 1.6x4m, 1.6x5m, 1.8x2m, 1.8x3m, 1.8x4m, 1.8x5m, 1×1.5m, 1x1m, 1x2m, 1x3m, 1x4m, 1x5m, 1x6m, 2.5x3m, 2.5x4m, 2.5x5m, 2.5x6m, 2×2.5m, 2x2m, 2x3m, 2x4m, 2x5m, 2x6m, 3x3m, 3x4m, 3x5m, 4x4m


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